Quality control, processing equipment and conveyor system for rubber processing line.
The recycled rubber is screened into different sizes before loading into bulk bags.
Removal of metal contaminants from rubber.
Key Products :
Metal Detector – Quality check on rubber bales.
EMNIN Magnets
Gear Reducers – Pre-breaker, creper, shredder, slab cutter, etc.

Palm Oil

Quality control, processing equipment and conveyor system for palm oil processing line.
Key Products :
ENMIN Feeders – Kernel recovery stations at ripple mills or kernel silos.
Metal Detector – Quality checking on the final products in refinery such as soap noodles, flakes, beads or liquid.
Vibratory Separator – Press Station for Crude Oil, Oil room on sludge, Claybath separation, Biogas plant on sludge and Composting plant for compost fertilizer.
EMNIN Magnets
and Gear Reducers – for all driven equipments such as press/digester/thresher and also conveying systems.

Food industry – Powder/Sugar

Variety of bulk transfer and controlled conveying systems for food related industry.
Quality control (contamination and weight control) for inline checking or end products.
Key Products :
ENMIN Feeders – Conveying, screening and feeding of products.
Metal Detector – Quality control for metal contaminants.
Vibratory Separator – Classification of solids/powder.
EMNIN Magnets – Removal of ferrous contaminants.
and Gear Reducers – Conveying system and driven equipment.

FOCUS APPS Visual Inspection Conveyor
FOCUS APPS Quality Control Metal Detector
FOCUS APPS Magnet for powder
FOCUS APPS Barcode Scanner
FOCUS APPS Detectamet