Detectamet – Food Safe Detectable Products

Within many industries today, including food, pet food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textile and many more, there is an ever present risk of product contamination from foreign objects. Statistics show that food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries are most at risk from foreign body contamination issues.

If these remain undetected, they can result in damage to equipment, costs incurred through product recalls, harm to the company’s reputation and in the worst case, serious injury to consumers inadvertently coming into contact with the contaminant.

An aid to preventing foreign body contamination is through the use of HACCP and incorporating detectable products into your procedures.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) was developed by NASA in the 1960′s to prevent food poisoning during manned space missions. It has been used by food manufacturers since the 1970′s, initially starting in the canning process industry.

Article 5 of EC Regulation 852/2004 requires all food business operators to have in place a permanent, documented procedure based on the principles of HACCP. Food business that do not operate HACCP based Food Safety Management Systems are not compliant with EC 852/2004.

On 1 January 2006 it became a legal requirement for all food businesses with the exception of primary producers, to establish, implement and maintain manufacturing procedures based on HACCP principles.

The law allows defences for all reasonable precautions and all due diligence when a company may be faced with a prosecution for a foreign body complaint.

HACCP has been incorporated into WHO Code of Practice for safe food (Codex Alimentarius) and it is used the in food industry worldwide as a robust system to manage food safety.

Detectamet Products can help implement new procedures to use alongside HACCP. Offering protection against and often eliminating physical contamination which may come from sources such as the physical environment, equipment, staff, cleaning materials and many more.

Quality Assurance

Detectamet Products are designed to be Food Safe – not just Detectable!

  • Metal detectable and/or x-ray visible
  • Visually detectable
  • Use materials that are compliant with European and other global standards for food contact use
  • Have smooth accessible, cleanable surfaces

The key feature of the products manufactured from Detectamet detectable polymer is that fragments are detected and rejected by standard in-process metal detection and x-ray equipment. All our products are independently tested and meet current EU legislation along with other international requirements for food contact use.

Visual recognition is also an important feature of the Detectamet range, not just for identification in food product but also for segregation within the factory environment. Detectamet offer the largest range of hygiene colours currently available on the market. This allows customers to incorporate Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Violet and Orange into the hygiene control procedures.

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