Floveyor Aeromechanical Conveying

What is Aeromechanical Conveying?
AMC is essentially the injection of powders or granules into a tube where there is a moving air stream. The material is fluidised by this action and is then moved efficiently in a totally enclosed system.

 Advantages of AMC

  • Low power input, from 0.75kW (1hp) up to 7.5kW (10hp)
  • Able to handle fragile products
  • Works at any angle
  • Quick recovery of capital costs
  • Simple to clean
  • Low maintenance

Rope Assemblies The ‘Heart’ of the Floveyor
Floveyor Rope Assemblies are available in many options to allow the optimum combination for any application.

Polyurethane (PU)* or Polypropylene (PP) materials are used on galvanised or 304SS wire rope. 316SS is available as an option.

*FDA, USDA and EC approval material.

Three types of manufacture of rope assembly are used for the Floveyor

  • Riveted Disc on Wire Rope – economical, original design.
  • Moulded PU Discs on Wire Rope - discs are uniquely moulded directly onto the cable and reduces he likelihood of product contamination.
  • Moulded PU Discs on PU Coated Wire Rope (PCPU) - fully Sealed rope assembly for those high grade food applications, and applications where minimal maintenance and longer life is needed. Floveyor PCPU rope assembles offer a superior product when compared to other manufacturers.

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