Metal Detector & Checkweigher

Metal Detectors

Providing solutions for safety/quality control for industries such as food and allied, rubber, mining, pharmaceuticals and etc. Can be installed either in the processing line or after packing of product. There are two specific type of metal detectors, conveyor or pipeline which can be suited to different application.

Checkweigher Systems

  • Control of prepacked products
  • Check of completeness
  • Weight determination
  • Regulation of process
  • Supply of detailed statistical information to SPC/SQC systems

EWK Serius & Synus (High speed, up to 7kg weight range) and WM series (Low speed, up to 120kg weight range)

Download Vistus Metal Detector Brochure

Download Synus Checkweigher Brochure

Download EWK3000 Checkweigher Brochure